We are proud to announce that Xibo version 1.3.0 (Codename “Faye”) is released, this is the release in the 1.3 Series of Xibo.

Note: This is a development preview release of Xibo. This release is working towards the release of Xibo 1.4.0, the next stable line of Xibo. This should NOT BE USED IN PRODUCTION.

For a complete list of changes and instructions for trying out this preview, please refer to the release notes.

The release notes are available on our Wiki here: http://wiki.xibo.org.uk/wiki/Release_Notes:1.3.0 and you can download this release from our Launchpad project page here: https://launchpad.net/xibo/1.3/1.3.0.

Also released is the updated preview of the Python client for Linux. All the details for getting and running the client are available in the wiki here: http://wiki.xibo.org.uk/wiki/Install_Guide_Python_Client