1.8.0-alpha Development Preview Released

We are proud to announce the release of our first development preview for the 1.8 series of Xibo. The codename for this series is “Tempel”.

Our goal for 1.8 series is to adopt the latest standards and encourage integration with other systems through a REST API and an improved stable code base. To help us towards that goal this “alpha” release is being made available as an early preview – primarily for community testing.

This release is for fresh installation only, you cannot upgrade to this alpha version. In this release you can test the following new features:


  • Xibo CMS API
  • Display Manager showing detailed Display Status Information
  • Improved support for date formats and international dates
  • An improved RSS parser
  • A Finance module for currencies and stocks
  • Ability to reference Library images in more Modules
  • Friendly URLs
  • Permission inheritance
  • Transfer Ownership on User Delete
  • Duration Estimate for Layouts
  • oAuth API access (authorization_code and client_credentials)
  • Improved scalability in all areas of the system
  • Slim PHP
  • Twig Views
  • Swagger Documentation for the API
  • Improved XMDS/XLF documentation
  • Security by design with a separate /web folder
  • Pluggable logging system via monolog
  • Improved HTTP via Guzzel
  • Preliminary PHPUnit test runner
  • and our new architecture which we hope is more efficient, easier to customise and more stable!

Signage Players

This is a CMS only release and you should use the 1.7.4 Windows Player or any version of Xibo for Android with this release.

The release notes are available in the manual and the download is available on GitHub.

We have much more planned for 1.8.0-alpha2 which we hope to release at the end of December 2015.

Please Note: This is a development preview release and should not be used in production.

Summer Round-up

We’ve had a busy “summer” this year with lots going on at Xibo HQ.

1.8 “Tempel”

Our main focus has been 1.8 series and we are pleased to report that we are close to a viable 1.8.0-alpha release. If you’ve been following the development you’ll know that 1.8 contains a rewrite to the core application which brings Xibo up to date with the latest conventions, adds a framework and includes the Twig template engine for easy theme adjustments.

We’re wrapping up initial testing before we push forward with some extra features before release. Developers and early adopters are encouraged to try the development branch on GitHub and report any issues they counter on the Community. There are instructions in the README for installation from the repository. At present it is an install only release and will not upgrade older versions, so please don’t try!


We’ve also included our new API documentation which has all been written in Swagger (you can find the swagger.json file in the repository). The API is easier to use than ever before and to prove it we’ve designed the web portal to use it too! This means the routes you call as an API developer are the same tried and tested routes we use in the web portal.

Xibo for Android

There is a new Xibo for Android update available which builds on the stability enjoyed by users of 1.7 R55. R56 adds further stability improvements as some handy features – see the announcement.

1.7 “Tuttle”

We’ve had a lot of questions about 1.7 support after 1.8 is released and we would like to put people at ease! 1.7 will receive at least 1 more bug fix release (1.7.5). This will happen after 1.8.0-alpha.


That’s all for this round-up!

1.7.2 Released

We are pleased to announce our second bug fix release for the 1.7 series of Xibo. The codename for this series is “Tuttle”.

A new CMS and Windows Player are available with this release, with just over 70 bugs resolved.

The release notes are available in the manual and the download is available on Github.

Launching the Xibo Community!

We are very pleased to announce that we are launching the new Xibo Community today. We have listened to feedback on GitHub, collected ideas and have settled on a new community discussion area right here on community.xibo.org.uk. There are categories for general discussion, support, features and FAQ and you can log in using all of your favourite services (Facebook, Twitter, Google, GitHub, etc).

We will still be using GitHub for development, but will only be tracking verified bugs on GitHub (bugs discussed in the community).

We look forward to some great Xibo discussion!

1.7.1 Released

We are proud to announce our first bug fix release for the 1.7 series of Xibo. The codename for this series is “Tuttle”.

This release fixes some important issues with the 1.7.0 release and we recommend everyone upgrade. This is a CMS only release and the 1.7.0 windows player should be used.

The release notes are available in the manual and the download is available on Github.