Committed to Open Source.

We are committed to keeping the Xibo Digital Signage solution Open Source and free to use, but we also want to offer value added products and services that are totally optional.

We have tried hard to ensure our value added services actually make the Xibo solution cheaper.

I thought it was free, how can you make it cheaper? The software is free, but you will need somewhere to run the CMS and some hardware the run the signage players. Hopefully our value added services make these bits cheaper!

Purchasing any value added service also helps support the project, fund the development of new features, maintain the website and much more.

Value added from Spring Signage.

Xibo in the Cloud.

Hosting your CMS in the Cloud is the easiest way to run Xibo. Get up and running in 10 minutes from sign-up to activation.

Xibo for Android.

Take advantage of low cost, low energy, reliable hardware and run your digital signage player on Android with Xibo for Android.

Support and Development.

Have some peace of mind! Spring Signage also offer support and development services.

Xibo Directory.

Xibo has created its own commercial ecosystem. There are no shortage of companies that can help you with Xibo.

The companies in the directory all support the Xibo project in some way. We are delighted to offer them as regional alternatives to Spring Signage.