Get Xibo

Software as a Service

The Xibo Solution is available from Spring Signage as a low cost “cloud” based service. We recommend this option for anyone who is considering on-line web hosting for Xibo.


Self-hosted (download)

Downloading and installing Xibo is easy, although you may want to learn a little bit about what to expect on our “About” page first.

Xibo comes in 2 flavours, the stable release and the development preview.

The stable release is what we recommend for most users, it contains what we consider to be the most stable, bug free code. The development preview release contains all our new work and should be used if you are keen to be on the cutting edge, but can put up with a few bugs!

Download the Stable Release 1.6.2 (Release Notes)

Xibo comes with detailed release notes, showing you how to upgrade, any known issues and links to the documentation.

You can also browse the full documentation.

What do I need?

Server Requirements

To install Xibo you will need to have some basic experience with administration of web servers – or have a web host with the following capabilities:

  • A Windows or Unix based web server with either Apache, nginx or IIS
  • PHP 5.3.3 or higher.
  • A MySQL database
  • Xibo Installation Document

Client Requirements

A full list of client requirements are available in the client installation document. If you are considering running the development preview Ubuntu Client we have an installation document here.

Source Code

Source code is available from our Bazaar repository.