To get started with Xibo you will need a CMS installation and at least 1 signage player. The CMS can be downloaded as a ZIP / Tarball or it can be hosted in the Cloud with Spring Signage.

We have signage players for Windows and Android which can be mixed and matched in one CMS.

1.8.2 is our current stable release of Xibo. Please take a look at our release notes for detailed information and any specific instructions for upgrading to this release.

What do I need for the CMS?

What do I need for the Signage Player?

A full list of client requirements are available in the client installation document.



Signage Players

Xibo for Windows

Fork us on Github

Our new development is managed on Github and the latest installable code can be downloaded from our "master" branch.

Fork us on Github

Xibo for Android

If you want to run with low cost hardware without compromising on features then Xibo for Android is the choice for you.

Supporting the Project

Revenue from Xibo for Android helps support the Xibo Project and drives the development, testing and support of new features for the whole community.

Available from Spring Signage

Head over to the Xibo for Android website for more information and download links.

Displays Signage Players

Each Display represents a connected signage player and is used to schedule Layouts to be shown.


Displays can be put into Groups for easy Scheduling and Management.

Statistics Proof of Play and Bandwidth

Xibo monitors each Display for bandwidth usage, log in / out events, proof of play statistics and much more.

Don't need scheduling?

Displays even have a default Layout to be shown when nothing else is scheduled.

Permissions Everything has permissions

Xibo Permissions can be as simple or as complex as required. A system can be run to that everyone sees everything, or so that every item is under lock and key.

Permissions can be assigned to individual users.

User Types

Each user has a user type which automatically gives them more or less permissions.

User Groups

Users can be put into groups for even more flexibility. There is a special "Everyone" group to assign permissions to all users.

The easiest way to use Xibo is in the Cloud.

Low cost, professional cloud hosting now available for Xibo.