Free to use, Free to distribute, Free to modify!

Xibo is developed and released under the Affero GPLv3 or later license (AGPLv3 – which means anyone can download it and use it for free, anyone can distribute it and offer it for sale as a service and anyone can modify the code and contribute to the project.

Why have we done this? The digital signage market is full of overpriced, incomplete, second rate digital signage products which are unattainable by the vast majority of people and businesses. We at the Xibo Project believe that the software which runs on these digital displays should be free for all and that users of digital signage should be able to focus on the content rather than the system.

Your responsibilities

All that is required by the license (and by us) is that:

  • The users know the software is free
  • The Copyright notices remain intact (Xibo is Copyright of the Xibo Developers, Daniel Garner, Alex Harrington and James Packer)
  • The software (at all times) displays a link to the source code

That’s it – we don’t require any payment of any kind – although donations are always appreciated!

3rd Party Licenses

We didn’t reinvent the wheel when we designed Xibo – there are some parts of the application which rely on software written by other people (also released for free). The current list of these is:

  • CKEditor
  • jQuery (and jQuery UI + misc jQuery plugins)
  • LibAVG
  • Minor code fragments (attributed in the code)

We are proud of the Xibo project and hope you enjoy using it, selling a service based on it or modifying it for your needs (why not contribute back while you are at it?).

You can find copies of all the above licenses included with the product, source code links on the about and login page and copyright notices in the UI.

Enjoy displaying your content with Xibo!