Become a Support Hero!

Using Xibo? Know your way around it well? Could you spare a few minutes each day to help others in the community and give something back?

As Xibo has become more popular, the number of support requests in Launchpad Answers has rocketed, to the point that the two main developers (Dan and Alex) just can’t answer every request ourselves. It takes time to replicate each person’s setup to see if the problem is general, or something local to that installation. That’s where we need the most help.

To those who do already help out with Answers, our sincere thanks. By freeing our time from answering support requests, you’re actively assisting new code for Xibo to be written and new features to be incorporated faster.

If you think you could lend a helping hand to those just starting out with Xibo, or to those who are exploring some of the more complex feaures, you can help in the following ways:

  • Sign up to be a Xibo Answers Contact. Sign in with your Launchpad ID, or create an account if you don’t have one. With this option you’ll receive email when there is activity in Launchpad Answers for Xibo.
  • Or, if you don’t want the email, drop by Launchpad Answers from time to time. Questions shown as “Open” or “New” are awaiting a response so dive in if you think you can help.

We know some of the documentation for Xibo isn’t great, and that generates a fair amount of the traffic we’re seeing in Launchpad Answers at present. We were very lucky to be contributed a compiled “manual” for Xibo, which brings together all the existing Xibo documentation in to one place. We’re currently working on getting that updated, integrated and release ready for 1.6 series of Xibo and beyond.

If you have any queries or need help getting registered as an Answers contact, feel free to contact me at

HowTo Video Series – Layouts and Permissions

In the first of our series of “howto” videos by Matt Holder, Xibo Contributor, we’re going to look at creating layouts and setting permissions on those layouts using Xibo 1.4 series server.

We plan to release several of these little howto videos over the coming few days to give people a better idea how to use some of Xibo’s features.

Many thanks to Matt for putting these together for us.

Guidelines for Contributing

Thank you all for the interest expressed in contributing to the Xibo project. We really appreciate all the offers of help! We realise we have been a little slow to react to these offers of help – mainly because we did not expect such a fast response after releasing an Xibo release candidate!

We have now taken the time to put together some guidelines for the ways in which people can contribute and the procedure to follow. You can find these guidelines on the wiki here:

If you have any questions about these guidelines you can discuss them on the Wiki.

A move to OpenID and MediaWiki

In the interest of streamlining the Xibo Projects documentation and development efforts we have taken two steps.

Firstly we have a new Wiki ( which replaces the old “Labs” pages (

We will be using this new wiki for:

  • Developer Documentation
  • Feature Specifications
  • Guidelines and FAQ
  • User Manual

We will be using the Wiki in conjunction with Launchpad ( Launchpad will remain the system for Answers, Blueprints (linked to Wiki), Bugs and Code. The old content from the labs pages will be gradually moved over to the new Wiki over the next few days.


This site, the wiki and Launchpad all use OpenID for authentication. This is great news for regular users and contributors as it means you can use your existing OpenID account for Launchpad to access this site and the Wiki!

We have also enabled OpenID for the commenting system on this site – which means you no longer need to wait for approval if you have an OpenID.