Administrator Documentation

Welcome to the Xibo set-up documentation which will guide you through the Installation and Settings of the Xibo system. This documentation has been written for administrators to set up the Xibo system.

To make finding the information you need that little easier, links to pages are available in the Table of Contents.

If you already have a CMS installation up and running then please use our User Manual to get started using Xibo.

Digital Signage Solution

Xibo is a digital signage solution with a suite of applications, including a:

  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Windows Signage Player
  • Linux Signage Player
  • Push Messaging - Xibo Message Relay (XMR - included with the CMS)
  • Android Signage Player*
  • webOS SoC Signage Player*
  • Tizen SoC Signage Player*

With Xibo your content can be Designed,Scheduled and Managed from any location using a web browser to access your CMS instance URL. Scheduled content will then be automatically downloaded to your Players (Displays) at the appropriate times.

*Commercial software provided by the project sponsors.

Xibo Signage Player

The Signage Player is software that runs on a compatible device connected to your physical display hardware; a monitor, projector, LED wall etc. Xibo supports devices running on Windows, Android or webOS, with software packages for each of these environments:

Open Source

The heart of the software is Open Source and has been for many years! We’re committed to keeping it that way and everything you need to run your digital signage network with Xibo is Open Source and will always be Open Source.

Open Source is great, but it can sometimes be a little daunting to tackle a new piece of software all alone. The project offers some commercial products and services designed to help you on your journey, all of which are completely optional.

By choosing any of our commercial services, you are enabling the ongoing development and maintenance of the project by enabling us to employ great developers, support staff and infrastructure.

Getting Started

To get started with Xibo you need a CMS and at least one signage Player. If you require further information regarding set-up requirements then please visit our ‘Getting Started’ section on our website.

If you would like to take a closer look as to what Xibo has to offer then take advantage of our free CMS trial hosted on our Cloud, without obligation.

If you are ready to install Xibo on your own infrastructure, start by selecting Xibo CMS Installation Guides, from the left-hand menu and select the installation instructions appropriate to your environment.