Administrator Manual Table of Contents

CMS Installation


Defaults and Restrictions
Instance Management


Existing Docker Cluster
Xibo CMS with Docker on Ubuntu 18.04
Windows 10 64bit
Windows 64bit other than Windows 10


Prepare your Environment
XTR - Routine Tasks
XMR - Push Messaging

Backing up your CMS / Database
Custom Scripts and Pages
Installation Service
Post Installation Set-up

CMS Settings

CAS as an Authentication Provider
Command Functionality
Configure Wake on LAN
Date Format - PHP
Library and Bandwidth Limits
Library Quota
Password Settings
Proof of Play Settings
Resizing Images
SAML as an Authentication Provider
SAML Single Sign on with Active Directory - ADFS
Translating Xibo
Using MongoDB to store Time Series data

Upgrading the CMS

Docker Install
Upgrade and switch to Docker Install
Manual/Custom Install
Supported Versions

Player Licensing

License Management
Licensing Issues
On-Premise Module

Player Installation

Xibo for Windows

Multi Player Install
Windows Player Watchdog
Closing / disabling the Watchdog Application

Xibo for Linux

Closing / disabling the Watchdog Application

Xibo for Android

Install a White Label or a different Player version on a DSCS9
CEC Screen Power on/off with DS Devices DSCS9
Hardware Recommendations
Managing Storage on the Android Device
Player Settings
Players without an Internet Connection
Remote Administration with SS Helper
Restart Rooted Device with a Shell Command
Rooting a Device
Running Xibo for Android

Xibo for webOS

Automating CMS Credentials for the webOS player
Display Commands
Display Profile Settings
Players without an Internet Connection
Supported Monitors
Firmware Guide

Xibo for Tizen

Display Commands
Display Profile Settings
Players without an Internet Connection
Supported Monitors
Firmware Guide

Upgrading Players

Xibo for Windows Upgrade

Xibo for Linux Upgrade

Xibo for Android Upgrade

CMS v2 and later
CMs 1.8.12 - 1.8.13
CMS 1.8.11 and earlier
DSCS9 Android 7.1.2 Upgrade instructions
DSCS9 Android 7.1.2 Upgrade instructions USB Cable

Xibo for webOS Upgrade

Xibo for Tizen Upgrade

White Labelling


CMS White Label Example

Windows Player

Setting up as a Screen saver

Android Player

webOS Player

Tizen Player

Customer Portal Account

Customer Portal rejected my email address?
Demo Cloud account
Creating a Quotation
Purchasing for your Customers
VAT Sales Tax rules
Shipping Delivery FAQ

Open Source Xibo

Xibo Licence Information

Troubleshooting / FAQ’s

Audit Trail
Log information
Player Logs
Getting the Player Status

Resolving Common Issues

Error shown when I try to licence my Player?
Error building White Label
Error message - Player is missing dependencies
Player not updating from the CMS?
My scheduled Layouts are not working?
Layout won’t play? Splash screen plays?
Watchdog error message


Can I use the Xibo name / logo?
Can I run a Xibo Player on Raspberry Pi?
How can I increase the upload file size limit?
How do Players communicate with the CMS?
How many displays can Xibo support?
How do I reset the Xibo_admin account password?
Power On/Off for Players
Testing with Xibo
What’s the difference between a Display Slot and a Player Licence?
Why do I need a Default Layout?

Xibo for Android FAQ’s

Autoplay Embedded Youtube Videos
Closing to Home Screen
Displaying Images
Embedded TV
External SD card not listed when running Banana-Pi
Helper Command to change Time zone
HTML5 Video on Android
Memory Notifications
Menu not accessible
Orientation Settings for the DSDevices DSCS9 Player
SSL Support
Using Portrait Displays
Video won’t play properly

Xibo for webOS FAQ’s

Firmware Matrix
Self Signed Certificates