Backing up your CMS / Database

Xibo in the Cloud customer accounts are backed up automatically daily as part of the hosting service provided.

As with any system containing user data, it is vital to maintain regular backups of your Xibo CMS.

Docker based installations

Docker installations automatically take a daily database backup for you, as well as one as part of the upgrade routine.

As part of your backup plan, you should regularly take a backup of at least the following files/directories:


Custom Installations

For custom installations you will need to backup your Xibo CMS files and Library and create a dump of the database with mysqldump or a similar tool.

How you opt to make regular backups is left as an exercise for each Administrator.

Here are some links to utilities that may be of use:
duplicati - Windows/Linux duplicity GUI backup application
duply - Linux duplicity command line backup application

Remember for a backup strategy to be reliable and effective, it must be automatic. Don’t rely on remembering to take periodic backups manually.