Deciding what to do at the end of a demo hosting account

Purchasing a demo account

Xibo in the Cloud demonstration accounts can be purchased at any point, during the demo period, via the Customer Portal.

  • Log into your Customer Portal account.
  • Navigate to “My Products” -> Cloud Instances page

  • Click on the card with your demo Instance, then click on the Convert to a Paid Instance button.

  • Select how many Displays you will need.
  • Proceed with your order
  • If your demo has expired it may take a few minutes to re-enable.

Ending a demo account

Thank you for taking the time to try Xibo. If you no longer want a demo account you don’t need to do anything. You will receive an email at three days to go, and then another on the day your account finishes its trial.

If you’d like to purchase then you can do so via the Customer Portal, otherwise the account will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

We will never sign you up without you explicitly purchasing a package.