Library and Bandwidth Limits

For Xibo in the Cloud customers, each display slot adds 500MB of storage and 2GB of monthly bandwidth to Cloud CMS instance limits. Increase display slots from the Customer Portal to increase your instance limits as needed.

Manage limits on the library file size and monthly bandwidth usage.

This is done by virtue of two settings in the database table (LIBRARY_SIZE_LIMIT_KB & MONTHLY_XMDS_TRANSFER_LIMIT_KB).

If no limits are entered in the database, everything continues to work without restriction; however once a limit is entered Xibo will start validating against these limits, and when they are exceeded will prevent the upload of new media/updates to Players.

However, these two settings are currently not available through the user interface; Only the statistical data is shown.

You can also apply a limit for the amount of bandwidth that a Display can consume.