Licensing Problems

If you have entered your email address in the Player Settings, Activation Wizard or Display Profile in your CMS and are receiving a message saying that we did not find your email address in our system, it may be due to the following:

  • The email address has been entered incorrectly from the one registered.
  • There are no available licences.
  • There are available licences but the version does not match.
  • You are using a Cloud CMS account on the Xibo Signage platform, but haven’t purchased Xibo device licences to use Android or webOS.

Incorrect Email

Check to ensure that you have entered the correct email address by logging in to the Customer Portal on the device’s browser.
Click on ‘My Products’ and click on the appropriate licence type. Copy the licence pool email address and paste it into; Player settings, Activation Wizard or Display Profile.

No available licences

If you don’t have any licences or upgrades available, you will need to purchase new licences, or un-licence an existing device.

Mismatched Versions

Upgrading your licence to the next major software version is a paid upgrade. If your Players are licensed for an earlier version than your CMS, they will no longer be compatible.

Please Note: It is technically possible to run a mismatched series of CMS and Player, providing that the Player is of a higher or equal version than the CMS. So for example, a v3 Player can run in compatibility mode against a v2 CMS, using a v3 Player licence.

For the best results, we would always recommend running a Player and CMS from the same major version.

Please see Upgrading Players for further information.

If you have upgrades but no available licences:

  • Existing connected devices: upgrade your existing players.
  • New devices: un-licence one of your existing devices, and install the new version onto the new device.

If you have a number of upgrades greater than the number of connected devices, install the new version onto your new device, the licence upgrade will happen automatically.

If you have available licences:

Firstly, ensure you know what version you want to use and what version you currently have.

  • If you want to use the new major version, you can purchase an upgrade then install the new version onto your device.
  • If you want to use the earlier version you can install the older version onto your device and it will find your available licence.
  • If you have an available licence for the new major version, you should install the new version onto your device and it will find your available licence.

The version of your licence must match the version of the installation file that you want to install onto your device.

Cloud CMS

Cloud CMS hosting and Xibo Player Licensing are separate services.

Xibo in the Cloud contains the Xibo CMS itself along with our cloud hosting services which include storage and bandwidth allowances.
If you wish to use one of our commercial Players in conjunction with your Cloud CMS you will need to purchase a licence for each device you wish to deploy, take a look at the Bundles available in the Shop.