Password Settings

User Password Settings are administered from the User tab on the CMS Settings page.

Password Policy Regular Expression

Administrators can set a regular expression to test password complexity. Complete any valid regular expression in this field, which will cause all User password change requests and New User passwords to be tested against this expression.

A text description prompt will be shown to Users when their password does not meet the required policy.

Xibo in the Cloud customers have a set default policy to require a password of at least 10 characters.

Password Reminder

Provide a Forgotten your Password reset link for Users at login. Users can then click the link which will send a Password Reset Notification to their stored email address as recorded on their User Profile.

Users can change their own passwords, once logged into the CMS, by clicking on the Profile Icon located in the top right-hand corner of the CMS.

Force Password Change

Ensure that new Users change the password first given to them to access the system or use if a User account password has been reset. Edit the User Profile and click on the Options tab. Tick the box Force Password Change, Save

Two Factor Issuer

Complete the name you wish to appear as the Issuer for Users who enable Two Factor Authentication. This will appear on the Google Authenticator app and email when authenticated codes are generated.