Player not updating from the CMS?

Problem: Player is not connecting to the CMS

Player is not connecting to the CMS with the logged in status showing as X

There are a number of potential reasons to consider as detailed below:

Possible Cause - Not Authorised with the CMS

You may still need to authorise your Player with the CMS.


Please refer to the Player Installation Guide for your Player and the Display Authorisation section.

Possible Cause - Commercial Player not licensed with Xibo Signage

For commercial Players (Android / webOS), once your initial trial period expires, you must buy a license from Xibo Signage for each Player you intend to use. For further information please see Player Licensing.


If your email address is set correctly, from the Player menu open Player Settings and “Check Licence”. Your Player will communicate with Xibo Signage and will unlock the Player to run going forward.

Possible Cause - Incorrect email address entered in the Player Settings / Display Profile

When you buy a license, you associate it with a particular email address which you must ensure is the same as saved in your Player Settings/Display Profile


Check to ensure that you have entered the correct email address by logging in to the Customer Portal. Click on ‘My Products’ and click on the appropriate licence type. Ensure that the licence pool email address matches the email address entered in the Player Settings.

Possible Cause - Not logged in

If your Player device is not logged in there will be an X shown in the ‘logged in’ column. If there are no known issues with this device, it might mean that it’s offline/shut down.


Make sure that your device is powered up and has internet access.

Possible Cause - device blocking traffic

There could be a device on the network that is blocking traffic between the Player and the CMS (a firewall for example)


Please contact those responsible for your network to investigate further.

Problem: Logged in but not updating

The Display is marked as being logged in (a tick), but the content is not updating on the Player.

Possible Cause - Player downloading content

Check to ensure that the Player has downloaded all of its content. The “status” flag provides this information:

  • Cloud icon - Pending changes are available for download the next time the Player connects with the CMS.
  • Cross icon - Download is in progress for pending changes.
  • Tick icon - Downloads are complete, the Player is up to date.


If the player has been in a “downloading” state ([!] or [x]) for an extended period of time you should check that the download window is set to a sensible value in Display Setting Profiles .

Possible Cause - Invalid Layouts

If your status is a “tick” it might be that the Player has detected an invalid layout.


Please refer to My scheduled Layouts are not working? page for further information.

If after checking all the above your Player is still showing as Unlicensed on the Status Screen, please contact us by opening a ticket to our support desk.