Purchasing for your Customers

Sign up to the Channel Partner Programme

Reselling of Xibo is only available to companies who have entered in to one of our Channel Partner programmes. You can find more information and apply on our website, here.

Create a Company

  • From the “My Account” page, select the Companies tab which will list your “Home Company”.
  • Add a new Company record for your customer, entering their details.
  • In the Shop, select the product you are interested in.
  • In the product details page select your customer from the Company list and enter the other product details according to their needs.
  • Proceed to purchasing and submit payment.
  • Billing notifications are always sent to your Home Company, not the customer.

Grant your customer access

If you want your customer to have access to their product details through our portal, please send an email to our support team (support@xibosignage.com) including your customers email address and which company they should be added to, and we will add them as a user for you.

Where will email notifications be sent?

Purchasing email notifications are always sent to the account that did the purchasing and not the account that receives the items.