Remote Administration with SSHelper

On occasion, it may be required to restart your Android device. If you don’t have a direct access to the device itself it’s still possible to do this remotely via shell commands.
A shell command adds the ability to control system power management options, and run external commands based on a Layout’s activity. This allows a great deal of flexibility with power options on the client side.

For further information please see the Command Functionality and Shell Command Module pages.

It’s possible to control and use shell commands with the SSHelper application for your rooted Android device. Please refer to the Rooting a Device page for configuration.

Remote Administration with SSHelper

Once configured your Android device SSHelper application will allow you to remotely reboot your device as well as additional useful options.

Please follow the instructions detailed below to install and configure a connection between your CMS and remote access point.

Install SSHelper application on the rooted Android device - SSHelper.
Connect with an SSH client (for example PuTTY) to your Android device, and enter the following information:

  • Android device’s IP address
  • Port 2222
  • Password “admin”

In the command line type in “su”, and click accept on the Android screen (SuperUser rights).

SSHelper application

In the configuration menu enable “run SSHelper service at boot”, and disable all the other options below that.
Enable “Show password” and change password and port as you wish
Restart SSH server and application from the top right corner menu

Now you have properly configured SSHelper installed on your Android device.

For security reasons we recommend the use of Public-key authentication.
You can find detailed instruction about how to set it up on SSHelper website under the “Public-key (passwordless) logins” section.

Now you can reconnect using PuTTY to the Android device using the new settings.

Additional useful Commands to use for Xibo

  • “ps | grep xibo” - to see if Xibo process is running
  • “am force-stop” - to stop Xibo process
  • “am start” - to start Xibo process
  • “reboot” - to reboot the device


There are alternate means to have remote access to your Android device, such as:
Shell Command
VNC Server