Resizing Images

(Available for v2.2.0 and later)

Default thresholds and limits can be specified which are then considered in the event an image should be resized. This could be when uploading an image or an image being downloaded by a Widget - NASA RSS in a Ticker Widget for example.

Resize Threshold

Set a maximum threshold (based on the longest side) that should be considered for resizing an image.

If you set a Resize Threshold of 1920 and you upload/download an image which is 800, this image would not need resizing. If you uploaded/downloaded an image which was 2400, this would then be resized to 1920.

Resize Limit

This setting will determine whether the image file is too large to be processed.

Set a limit (based on the longest side) for uploaded/downloaded images. Images that exceed this limit will not be processed and should be replaced with another image that is within the limit.

Both settings can be configured from the Defaults tab on the Settings page under the Administration section of the CMS menu,