Resolutions - Administration

Layouts are designed to run on a particular Resolution and will function best when shown on a signage Player with a matching Resolution.

Resolutions can be added/edited and enabled for use from the Resolutions page under the Design section of the Menu.

Choosing the right resolution

Xibo comes with a selection of default resolutions that cater for most digital signage applications (e.g. LCD TVs, projectors, portrait screens).

The Xibo Player will make its best effort to fit whatever shape Layout you choose on the screen, however, this could result in empty areas on your screen. For example, sending a Player a Layout in a 4:3 aspect ratio when it is connected to a 16:9 TV wastes two bars on either side of your content.

You should choose a Resolution closest to the screen you intend showing the Layout on.

Portrait Displays

If supported by the signage Player hardware, portrait resolutions are available.