Upgrading Players

There are two types of upgrades available for Xibo Players:

1. Upgrading to a new major Version

The release of a new version (1.8 - 2.0.0) is a major upgrade and brings with it new advancements of functionality.

2. Upgrading to a new minor software Version

When we have fixed bugs or implemented improvements to the Player software we release a new minor version.

All releases are announced and made available via our Blog

For further information on Releases and Software Versions please read our blog post.

Open Source Players

Our open source Players are not subject to licence fees, therefore all versions are free to download:

Xibo for Windows
Xibo for Linux

Commercial Players

Our Commercial Players are subject to the following licence terms when upgrading versions:

  • Major version upgrades are available free of charge for subscription licence holders, a minimal fee is payable for perpetual licence holders.
  • Minor version upgrades are included at no extra charge for the specific software licence version purchased.

Xibo for Android

Xibo for webOS

Xibo for Tizen

Please use the left-hand menu to select the appropriate Player Upgrade guide.

If you encounter any issues with Upgrading your Player then please do open a support ticket.