What's the difference between a Display Slot and a Player Licence?

Please note: Cloud CMS hosting (Display Slots) and Xibo Player Licensing (Player Licences) are separate services.

Xibo provides a professionally managed Cloud hosting service which is charged per Display Slot, per year and allows you to connect 1 Player device, Windows, Linux, Android, webOS and Tizen (licensed separately).

1 Display Slot will give you 2GB of bandwidth per month and 500MB of server storage. Within a single CMS instance all the bandwidth and storage is pooled, so you can use it as you want between your displays. You can add more storage to a CMS instance by purchasing additional Display Slots at anytime to increase the bandwidth/storage to suit your needs, see Cloud CMS Instance Management.

In addition, if you choose to connect one of our commercial Player devices, Android, webOS or Tizen, (and White Label derivatives) you will require a Xibo Player Licence for each Player device you intend to deploy: Player Licensing

I would like a Cloud hosted CMS and have 5 screens to show my content on.
3 of my screens have an Android device attached and 2 are Windows.

I would need (as a minimum dependant on my storage and bandwidth requirements):

  • 5 x Display Slots for Xibo in the Cloud hosting service

  • 3 x Xibo for Android licences (perpetual or subscription)

  • I do not need Player licences for the 2 screens powered by Windows as they are released under the Open Source AGPLv3 Licence.