Xibo CMS White Label - Example

This page shows which parts of the CMS can be customised using our White Label CMS theme building service.

For this example, the following Resources were used:

  • Image in PNG format


  • ICO format file for the Icon (not PNG)

The following screenshots show the Configuration used inside the Customer Portal.

General Information

Please note: Once the Theme Name has been entered and the White Label is saved the Theme Name cannot be changed!

Resources Uploaded

License Provision


The theme was built with the option to remove the “Source” and “About” from the Login Page.
To enable this option, the customer will need to complete an Alternative Provision of Licence form, detailing how they will meet the requirements of the AGPLv3 in the absence of those items.
Open a Support Ticket to request an Alternative Provision Form.

CSS Colour Override

Key - Colours used


We have used bold colour choices to easily identify where the colouring will be shown in the WL!

If the User knows the exact colour hex they wish to use, they should paste it directly into the field!

Once built, our configured White Label CMS was deployed on the Cloud service. The following screenshots show the resulting theme for our CMS instance.

Please note:Themes can be automatically applied to new CMS instances during checkout. Once a theme is built a selector for “Theme” will be available when adding a new CMS Instance to your basket/cart.
To apply a theme to an existing Xibo in the Cloud CMS instance, please open a Support Ticket.

Login Page

Please note: If the user had not completed an Alternative Provision of Licence form, then the Source and About links from the standard CMS installation would be shown here instead.


The CMS Dashboard

Navigation Bar

User Manual

Layout Grid

Layout Designer



All other aspects of the CMS installation will be as they would in a standard CMS install.