Xibo for Windows White Label Administration

Windows White Label’s are managed from the Customer Portal My Products page.

Click on the card to redirect you to your Windows white label page, here you will see cards for each Windows White Label that you own.

Click on the card to show action buttons to Configure , Build and Download as shown below:

First Build

Immediately after purchase your requested White Label will be available on the My Products page so that you can provide your branded resources needed to make the build.

Click on Configure and provide the following information for your required branding:

General tab

  • Short name.
  • Provide your application name.
  • Company Name.
  • Support Email.
  • Support URL.
  • Select the version you wish to use for your white label application.

Resources tab

  • Upload a logo image in PNG format with dimensions of 200 x 150.
  • Upload an ICO file for your application icon.
  • Upload a splash screen image in JPEG format (we recommend 1080p with a small file size).

Once complete, Save .

Once complete the Save your configuration.


Once you have provided your configuration, click on the Build button:


Once the build is complete and has a Built status, it is ready to be downloaded.

Changing a Build

Updates can be made to your White Label after the first build with the exception of changing the Short Name. (This will have a grey background on the Configure form as this name is locked from the first build).

If you require a change to the Short Name of your White Label then you will need to purchase a new White Label from the Shop.

Getting an updated version

As Xibo Signage release new versions of the Xibo for Windows software it is recommended that White Label builds are also updated to take advantage of new features and bug fixes.

Ensure that you have set your White Label build to “Latest” or to the specific version required in the Customer Portal and click Build . Wait for the notification email or check back periodically to download and install once the build has been completed.