Xibo 1.8.0-alpha - Codename "Tempel"

Welcome to the release notes for the first alpha release in the 1.8 Series of Xibo, codenamed "Tempel". This should NOT BE USED IN PRODUCTION..

This release contains significant changes from 1.7 Series and these release notes should be read an understood before trying the release.

The release is available for new installations only at the current time. Subsequent releases in this series will include functionality to update from earlier versions of the software.

You can download this release from GitHub.


Xibo requires PHP 5.5 or higher. Please read the details in install environment to understand the extra configuration 1.8 Series requires before proceeding.

You must use the 1.7.4 version of the Windows Display Player or Xibo for Android with this version of the Xibo CMS.


You cannot upgrade to this release - this is for early adopters and new installations only. Upgrade functionality will be added with subsequent releases.


Please report problems with this release using the Development Category on the Community Forum.

Issues addressed in this release

This release is the first stage of the rearchitecting of Xibo. It includes a completely rewritten CMS backend and full featured API. It also lays the foundations for the Playlists functionality.

For a full list of bug fixes please refer to the Release Project Page.

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This documentation is licensed under the Creative Commons Licence.

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