Xibo 1.8.0 - Codename "Tempel"

This is the first stable release of Xibo 1.8!

You can download this release from GitHub - xibo-docker.tar.gz. The full release files can be viewed here.

This release is the result of 7 alpha/beta/rc releases and contains significant improvements from 1.7 Series, the highlights are below:

  • Installation: Docker deployments
  • Installation: Step by Step Upgrade Wizard
  • Layouts and Content: Layout Designer improvements, including a new toolbar
  • Layouts and Content: Add audio to Widgets
  • Layouts and Content: Layout Import/Export handles DataSets
  • Layouts and Content: Add some extra fonts as standard
  • Layouts and Content: New Widgets, including Stocks, Currencies, HLS, PDF, Metro Twitter, Google Traffic, Audio
  • Displays: Push messaging
  • Displays: Scheduled and Immediate shell commands
  • Displays: RS232 commands
  • Displays: Dynamic and Nested Display Groups
  • Schedule: Dayparting and "always" schedules
  • Schedule: Agenda View
  • Schedule: Recurring Events without an end date
  • Internationalisation: Support for custom date formats
  • Internationalisation: Displays in different timezones
  • User and Permissions: Changing ownership of items
  • User and Permissions: SAML support for single sign on
  • User and Permissions: Announcement system
  • Extending and Troubleshooting: API for 3rd party integrations
  • Extending and Troubleshooting: Code improvements to enable better customisation of code (Middleware and Modules)
  • Extending and Troubleshooting: Overhaul auditing and logging
  • Extending and Troubleshooting: PHPUnit Test Suite
  • Extending and Troubleshooting: Documentation improvements
  • 389 closed issues

These release notes should be read and understood before upgrading.


Xibo runs on Docker, please check the install guide for detailed requirements. The archive for this release can be downloaded from GitHub.

The CMS can be run without Docker, but this is not a supported configuration. Installs without Docker are called Custom/Manual Installs and further details can be found here. The release archive for a manual install can be downloaded from GitHub.

We recommend using the 1.8.0 Windows Player with this release. The 1.7.6 or later version of the Windows Display Player is also compatible with this CMS, but will not run the latest features.

Special Considerations

Switching to Docker

Our recommended configuration for 1.8 series onward will be based on Docker and from 1.8.0-rc3 the focus of the documentation has changed to reflect this. If you would like to try 1.8.0-rc3 by upgrading your existing 1.7 installation, we recommend switching to Docker. Please refer to the upgrade guide for more information.

Changes to Docker

We have removed launcher in favour of Docker Compose. Docker Compose supports a wider variety of platforms and is the official Docker implementation.

This means that upgrading from any 1.8 release to 1.8.0-rc3 will require the following additional steps:

  • ./launcher stop
  • Take a backup of your DATA_DIR, launcher and launcher.env
  • ./launcher destroy
  • Replace the contents of your Docker files with the new release archive for 1.8.0-rc3
  • Copy config.env.template as config.env
  • Open both launcher.env and config.env in your preferred text editor
  • Transfer CMS_DATABASE_PASSWORD from launcher.env to MYSQL_PASSWORD in config.env
  • docker-compose up

If you have custom ports for the web server or XMR, please see these notes.

Windows Player CEF

The 1.7 series contained experimental support for CEF browser integration. This has been removed in the 1.8 release due to stability issues. In 1.8 you will not be able to use CEF as an alternative rendering engine.

We are working towards a new cross platform player which will replace this Windows player and will also support Ubuntu. This development can be tracked on our community forum.


This release supports upgrades from 1.7.0 onwards. If you are running a release prior to 1.7.0 then please upgrade to 1.7.9 first.

Follow the upgrade instructions to complete the upgrade.

For Docker installations of 1.8, please see the "Changes to Docker" section above.


Please report problems with this release using the Support Category on the Community Forum.

Issues addressed in this release

For a full list of enhancements and bug fixes please refer to the Release Project Page.

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