This section is about developing, extending, integrating and understanding the underlying platform and how the software works. The information contained here is intended for software developers rather than end users of the Xibo solution.

If you are interested in contributing to the Xibo project, please read contributing before starting to get an understanding of how the project team work.

Engine Out

So, you want to get "under the hood" and see how the software works and how it can be extended? Xibo is a complicated system and before approaching any development work it is important to understand what you are trying to achieve and the best tools in the platform to help you do so.

The following are typical requirements:

  • Integrate with a 3rd party application [CMS API]
  • Customise the visual presentation of the CMS [Themes]
  • Create a new Module [Modules]
  • Extend the CMS with new functionality [Extending]
  • Extend the Player with new functionality or make a bespoke Player [Player API]

Each of the above contains a link to the necessary documentation which will help you with your requirement.

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