The Ticker Widget allows dynamic Feed content to be added to a Layout. The Ticker module primarily consists of a data source location and a template to apply to the retrieved data.

Click on the Ticker Widget on the toolbar, add / drag to the target Region. Ticker Widget

If you are using 1.8 please use the following link: Ticker 1.8


  • Provide an optional name
  • Choose to override the default duration
  • Opt to extend the duration by the number of items.

Use with caution as this can create long-running media items. Use in conjunction with ‘Number of items’ to limit this.


  • Specify the Feed URL.

  • Choose how many RSS items should be returned.
  • Select to start with items from the beginning or end of the list.
  • Random feeds work offline; the entire feed is parsed, rendered and downloaded to the Player and then sorted in a random fashion for display. We use a Durstenfeld shuffle to randomise the order of items. Randomise works on the full feed, "Number of items" and "Take items from" options.
  • Display a Copyright notice at the end of the feed.
  • Opt to display returned results side by side.
  • Apply a Date Format to apply to all returned date results.
  • Include a comma-separated list of attributes that will not be stripped from the incoming feed.
  • Include a comma-separated list of HTML tags to be stripped from the feed.
  • Select to disable the date sort for the feed.


  • Optionally select a background colour
  • Use the drop-down menu to select an Effect to be used to transition between items.
  • Set the Speed for the selected effect.
  • Select the direction of the text in the feed to use, right to left or left to right.
  • Enter how many Items should appear on each page, if an effect to split items has been selected.


Select Preset Templates or provide your own using JavaScript.

Ticker Template


  • Use the drop-down to select an appropriate template.
  • Choose to Override the selected template.

By selecting to Override the Template you can enter your own text, html and CSS by using the templates available from clicking on the Templates tab.

Ticker Override Template

Toggle on the Visual editor to use the inline editor.

A special notation is available where the User can specify the Tag|Namespace within the feed for Xibo to extract content.

Optional Style Sheet

This is applied to the entire Ticker media item when shown on Displays.

This is intended for advanced users to ‘tweak’ the CMS generated output.

No Data

Use the No Data template to include a message to display when there is no data returned from the source.


Players can cache the content of this media type to prevent repeated downloads and off-line playback. Keep this number as high as possible.

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