Xibo 1.6.4 - Codename "Pons-Winnecke"

This is a bug fixing release of the 1.6 Series of Xibo. We recommend everyone using 1.6 series upgrade to this release.

You can download this release from https://launchpad.net/xibo/1.6/1.6.4


You must use the 1.6.4 version of the Windows and Ubuntu Display Clients with this version of the Xibo CMS.

Xibo requires PHP 5.3.3 or higher. A full list of module requirements is presented at the point of installation - we'll even tell you which modules you're missing!

Xibo for Windows

Series 1.6 of Xibo has brought about advancements in text formatting, layout scaling and other general presentation improvements. As a result of this the recommended version of IE to have installed is IE9 on the client. IE9 is not supported on Windows XP.

The Xibo team have made every effort to maintain support for XP as a platform and as a result Xibo will run on Windows XP, but may experience some visual defects and artefacts.

We are looking to replace IE as a rendering engine in 1.7 Series. More information here.


There are significant database schema changes between the 1.4 series of Xibo and prior released. The upgrade wizard will take a prior database and convert it to a schema suitable for the 1.4 series to date. Note that this is a one-way conversion. Please do not upgrade your production database to test Xibo 1.6 functionality, and then expect to run a prior series code base against that database.

Instructions for cloning a Xibo database are available here Clone Database.

  • Clone your existing Xibo database and grant permissions (see Release Notes:Clone Database for details)
  • Backup settings.php from your installation
  • Manually take a backup of your database
  • Replace your existing installation with the new version from the tar.gz or zip file
  • Replace your backup settings.php file in your Xibo installation directory
  • Browse to http://your.server/pathas normal
  • You will be prompted that an upgrade is required.
  • Enter your xibo_admin password, and follow the upgrade wizard.
  • The upgrade should run, and finally ask you to log in as you would normally.


Please ask for help / advice in the Answers section of Launchpad: https://answers.launchpad.net/xibo

Please report any bugs in the Bugs section of Launchpad: https://bugs.launchpad.net/xibo (if you're not sure that what you have found is a bug, please ask in the Answers section first!)

Please report any enhancement requests in the Blueprints section of Launchpad: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/xibo

When asking for assistance with this release, please make it clear that you're using the release candidate and not a stable release of Xibo.

Bug Fixes

For a full list of bug fixes please refer to the Release Project Page: https://launchpad.net/xibo/1.6/1.6.4

Known Issues and Limitations

There are plenty of new features in the pipeline, but to provide a stable platform for users wanting Xibo now, the 1.6 series of releases are now feature-frozen (no new features will be implemented). All new development work will go in to the 1.7 series - which will be made available as a BETA.

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This documentation is licensed under the Creative Commons Licence.

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