Xibo 1.8.2 - Codename "Tempel"

This is the second minor release of Xibo 1.8 Series. Included in this release are 84 bugs and small enhancements.

You can download this release from GitHub - xibo-docker.tar.gz. The full release files can be viewed here.

This release is a bug fix release for the 1.8 stable series. If you are upgrading from 1.4, 1.6 or 1.7 please refer to the 1.8.0 release notes for a detailed list of changes and upgrade notes.


Xibo runs on Docker, please check the install guide for detailed requirements. The archive for this release can be downloaded from GitHub.

The CMS can be run without Docker, but this is not our recommended configuration. Installs without Docker are called Custom/Manual Installs and further details can be found here. The release archive for a manual install can be downloaded from GitHub.

We recommend using the 1.8.2 Windows Player with this release. The 1.7.6 or later version of the Windows Display Player is also compatible with this CMS, but will not run the latest features.

Special Considerations

Switching to Docker

Our recommended configuration for 1.8 series onward will be based on Docker and from 1.8.0-rc3 the focus of the documentation has changed to reflect this. If you would like to try 1.8.0-rc3 by upgrading your existing 1.7 installation, we recommend switching to Docker. Please refer to the upgrade guide for more information.


This release supports upgrades from 1.7.0 onwards. If you are running a release prior to 1.7.0 then please upgrade to 1.7.9 first.

Follow the upgrade instructions to complete the upgrade.


Please report problems with this release using the Support Category on the Community Forum.

Issues addressed in this release

For a full list of enhancements and bug fixes please refer to the Release Project Page.

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