Xibo has a sophisticated scheduling system allowing for scheduling Layouts and Campaigns across Displays and Display Groups. This is achieved through Schedule Events and visualised on the Calendar.

Event Types

The CMS supports 3 types of event:

  • Campaign / Layout
  • Overlay Layout
  • Command

Campaign / Layout

The most common event type is the scheduling of a Campaign or Layout to be shown within a specific time period. These events can be scheduled from the Calendar and the Schedule Now form.

When a Display has more than one Layout scheduled to it at one time it will automatically alternate between the Layouts in the schedule. The display order is used to determine which order the Layouts will be rotated.

If at any time there are no layouts scheduled to run, the default layout for the Display will be run automatically.

Overlay Layout

Layouts can be overlaid over the existing schedule so that they sit on top of the Campaign / Layout schedule playing. This is particularly useful for having a company logo or Ticker that exists across all Layouts being shown.

These events can be scheduled from the Calendar.

The Display Order on Overlay Layouts determines the order in which the Layouts regions are applied to the overlay and compliments the regions own Layer settings.


A scheduled command is executed by the player at a specific point in time and therefore command events do not need a toDt.

These events can be scheduled from the Calendar.

The commands available to schedule are configured in the Commands section of the CMS. More information can be found here.

Display Order and Priority are also irrelevant when it comes to executing the command, but may be set in the CMS for organisational purposes.


Events are scheduled into "dayparts" which are blocks of time that split up the day. By default the CMS contains a daypart for adhoc scheduling (called the custom daypart) and for scheduling an event "always." More information can be found in Dayparting.

To give your own From/To Dates then the "Custom" daypart should be selected.


Event Priority determines whether the event is included in the schedule on the player or not. Priority is a number where 0 is considered the lowest priority.

If a player has a schedule containing events which are all priority 0, then all of the events will be shown in rotation together. If one of the events has a priority of 1, then this will be the only event shown. Likewise if there are some events with priority 0, some with priority 1 and some with priority 2 only the priority 2 events will be shown.

Priority is a way to alter the schedule at specific times - for example a normal rotation during the day, with a priority event at lunch time which shows some lunch specific information (i.e. a menu).

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