Logging In

The CMS is protected by an authentication system that requires a Username and Password.

During installation a Username and Password is provided which grants unrestricted access to all areas of the CMS, as a Super Admin User. Once logged in additional User accounts can be created with various permissions, as covered in the Users section of this manual.

All pages in the CMS are authenticated and if the User is not logged a login form will appear.

First time access

Administrators (Super Admin Users)

After installation the Username and Password provided during installation must be used to access the CMS.


Users can be created by Administrators and given access to the system. The Username and Password for any new User should be shared in a private and secure manner and the User should change their password after they have logged in for the first time.

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication can be set by Users for added security. Once configured a User would need to enter a code sent via email or displayed in the Google Authenticator app to complete login and gain access to the CMS.

Force Password Change at next login

This function can be set by Super Admin Users at User level.

Forgotten Password reset

Administrators can activate a Reset link to be available at login, by configuring CMS settings.


The CMS uses cookies to track whether Users are logged in or not. If you are experiencing trouble logging in you may need to adjust your browser settings for cookies.

After login

Each User is assigned a Dashboard which they will be taken to after login.

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