Installation, project management, hardware - you can rely on our channel partner network for all your needs.

Would you like to represent the Xibo brand by becoming a Value Added Channel Partner? We are reworking our Channel Partner Program and hope to open for applications in June 2018.

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Reselling Xibo

We are looking for highly skilled value added resellers to join our channel partner network and deliver Xibo solutions across the globe.


Whether you are a systems integrator, AV installer or project management team, Xibo can help you deliver a high quality, flexible, managed Digital Signage Network.

We are reworking our Channel Partner Program and hope to open for applications in June 2018.

All Channel Partners are bound by the AGPLv3 licensing requirements of Xibo components which are released as Open Source.


Leverage the Xibo brand

Xibo is a recognised, respected brand and is used by business and organisations worldwide.



Take the power of Xibo with you to your customers. Xibo is tried, tested and used in production networks for over 7 years.


Sales and Support Expertise

Our expert team have worked extensively with channel partners and are on hand to support you with each project.

White Label

Using Xibo as a base for your own signage service can cut months from your time to market, allowing you to focus on your customer.

Changing the branding of Xibo to suit your customer, business or organisation is easy with our platform. Simply upload your resources into our customer portal and request a build. You’ll still need to let your customer know that they are using Open Source software, ensure that you enforce a EULA at least as stringent as ours and be aware that you remain the licence holder of any commercial licences.

Xibo CMS

Change the Application name throughout the CMS and the Logo shown in the header.

Xibo for Windows

Change the Application Name, Splash screen and MSI installer.

Xibo for Android

Change the Name, Icon, Splash Screen and About text to completely re-brand Xibo for Android.

Each device will still need a player

Please note that for the Xibo CMS and Windows player the AGPL Licence and Copyright notices must remain present and visible. Xibo for Android will not show any licensing information.

Your customers must always know they are using Open Source software.