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Xibo is a new dimension in digital signage. Display rich content quicker, easier, and more effectively than ever before


  • Centrally managed from a web interface
  • Simple and easy to deploy
  • Wide range of media support
  • Does not require specialist hardware
  • Runs on Windows, Ubuntu and Android*
  • Support for RSS Feeds
  • Open Source (that means Xibo is free!)
  • and much more!
*commercial client from our sponsor

Free to use, Free to distribute, Free to modify – Xibo is a feature rich, fully scheduled, layout driven, enterprise grade open source digital signage solution (released under the Affero GPL v3 or later).

Making Digital Signage free and easy for over 5000 businesses, individuals, organizations and schools… and counting!


Xibo is an open source digital signage solution, centrally managed via a web administration panel (PHP/MySQL) and distributed over a local network or the Internet to one or more clients (.NET for Windows / Python for Ubuntu) connected to display hardware (TV, Projector, etc).

Multiple layouts, multiple content mediums, multiple schedules in multiple locations, are all free and easy with Xibo. Visit our About page for a more detailed look at Xibo.

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Version 1.6.0-rc2 Development Preview Released

We are proud to announce that Xibo version 1.6.0 Release Candidate 2 (Codename “Pons-Winnecke”) is released. This is a release candidate for [more]

April 6, 2014 - Posted In News

Scripting Xibo Content Management – A brief tour of the API

One common use case people put forward is that they want to update a particular piece of content in a [more]

February 19, 2014 - Posted In Features

Support for Ubuntu 12.04

Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions we get over on Launchpad Answers is “Does the Python client run [more]

February 18, 2014 - Posted In News

Version 1.6.0-rc1 Development Preview Released

We are proud to announce that Xibo version 1.6.0 Release Candidate 1 (Codename “Pons-Winnecke”) is released. This is a release candidate for [more]

February 16, 2014 - Posted In News

Sneak preview of things to come in 1.6

Matt Holder has kindly put together the following sneak preview showing a few of the things to come in 1.6. [more]

February 15, 2014 - Posted In News