Get started with Xibo in 3 simple steps

Xibo’s digital signage platform is made up of a Content Management System (CMS), a choice of players, a choice of hosting options and different levels of support to meet your requirements. To get started with Xibo you need a CMS and at least 1 signage player.

Intelligently Designed Software

Designed with simplicity in mind, choose from self-hosted or a Cloud installation and start using Xibo in minutes.

It all fits together with ease

Content Management System

The Xibo CMS is a web application which can be self-hosted or run on our Xibo in the Cloud platform.

Manage your digital signage content with ease and deploy from anywhere in the comfort of your web browser.

Signage players

Xibo has a choice of players including Android, webOS and Windows.

Xibo in the Cloud

Content Management System

The Xibo CMS is a web application which runs on Docker or our Xibo in the Cloud platform.


Use our super easy Docker installation to run on a server with Docker installed.


  • Docker CE 1.7.1+
  • Docker Compose 1.5+
  • Shell Access
  • SSL Certificates - we strongly recommend using SSL
  • Backup provision - don’t forget to backup your data
  • Installation without Docker is also possible


And follow the installation guide.


Get peace of mind by running your CMS on our Cloud Hosting, called Xibo in the Cloud.

  • Deploy in minutes
  • 14 day free trial - no credit card required
  • Monthly or yearly plans available
  • 500MB Library storage and 2GB monthly bandwidth per display slot
  • Choose one of our domains
  • HTTPS enabled as standard
  • One-click CMS upgrades
  • Routine Daily Backups
  • Scaling up as your network grows
  • Access Anywhere
  • Datacentres in London, New York, Singapore and Sydney

Xibo for Windows

Our signage player for windows is a native windows application available for Windows 7 and higher.

Run the windows installer, tell the player your CMS connection information and you're done.


Xibo for Linux

Our signage player for Linux is a native C++ application which runs on any distribution supporting the Snap app store for Linux from Snapcraft.

Install from Snap, update your configuration with CMS connection details and you're done.


Xibo for Android

Built for the Xibo CMS, runs on Android.

Our commercial player runs on Android 4.4 or higher and brings Xibo to Android!

It is a native android application, lovingly optimized for stability and performance.


Xibo for webOS

Built for the Xibo CMS, runs on webOS for Signage.

Our system-on-chip Player runs on compatible webOS 3.0 for Signage LG monitors, without additional hardware.

It is a native webOS application, lovingly optimized for stability and performance.



We provide best effort support for free to every customer for purchased products, but if you need guaranteed support you can choose our Enterprise support option. We also have a community forum where you can find FAQ's.

If you need assistance our Help Desk is open 24/7 for new tickets and is monitored by our support team Monday to Friday, 8AM to 4:30PM in the UK timezone (GMT/BST).

Best effort

Xibo in the Cloud, Xibo for Android and Xibo for webOS come with our standard support service.

Contact us here for help with any problems you might have.


Enterprise Support

Open a ticket below if you are an Enterprise Support contract holder.

Contact Us if you are interested in commercial support but don’t currently hold a support contract.


Need help installing Xibo CMS?

Let us install the CMS

  • Get a VPS from one of our recommended suppliers
    (running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64 bit)
  • Provide us the access details
  • We’ll install Xibo for you, with SSL support via LetsEncrypt

Find the answer

Our help page guides you through the support options available


You can find the latest version of the Xibo User Manual here.


And there's more


Want to choose your domain?

If you want to use Xibo in the Cloud on a particular domain, we can support you.


White Label

With Xibo you can use your own brand on your solution, to keep the web portal consistent with other branded tools you use.



Engage your audience with an Xibo Solution.