CMS Installation Guides

The Xibo CMS is a web application run through Docker or a web server supporting PHP/MySQL, and one or more Player applications installed on a signage device or monitor.

CMS Installation

Please select the installation instructions appropriate to your environment from the menu on the left. Not sure what to use? Read on for more details.

Docker for Windows Server 2016 (for Windows Containers) is not suitable as it is only capable of running Windows containers.

Alternatively there are a number of service providers that will install Xibo for you, or even run Xibo on their architecture. If you are unfamiliar with Docker or web servers and just want to use the application, then a service provider solution may be preferable.

Should you want to install and run Xibo yourself then we strongly encourage you to use a Docker environment.

Docker or not?

Starting with 1.8 series we have packed Xibo with Docker. Docker is a technology that can be compared to Virtual Machines, but without the overhead of running Virtual Machines.

Essentially this means that you can have a fully isolated environment running on a host machine, running our recommended configuration, which is the same as the configuration we use to develop and test the software.

This reduces the chance of encountering a bug with the software and allows for in place upgrades of the software.

The disadvantage of Docker is that you have to install Docker, which is a software product from a third party. The installation of Docker is not always straightforward, but we have tried to provide full instructions for each host operating system.

Xibo can still be installed without Docker - Docker is a recommendation and not a requirement. To install without Docker a working knowledge of how to install, configure and maintain a web server is recommended. There are extra considerations in 1.8 compared to 1.7 series regarding the “web root” and “URL rewriting”.

Please note that while every effort will be made to assist with custom installations, Docker is the supported method of running Xibo and it may not be possible to help with your custom installation without opening a paid support incident from a company offering commercial support.