Upgrading Xibo for webOS

The latest ipk version of Xibo for webOS can be downloaded from the Download Centre.

To ensure that you are using the recommended Firmware Version for your Series and Model, please refer to our webOS Firmware Matrix

White Label customers

The latest ipk can be built and downloaded from the Customer Portal. All White Label builds are initially set to “Latest” and are automatically updated to the latest version on the day of release, ready for you to download. Please note: If you have set a specific version you will need to manually choose the new release and then run the build.

Upload and Install

The recommended and easiest way to upgrade the Player version for Xibo for webOS is achieved via the CMS. Download the new ipk version and upload it to your CMS ( ipk is a valid extension in Xibo CMS 1.8.3 or later). Please follow the instructions below appropriate for the Xibo CMS version you are using.

Xibo CMS 1.8.12 and later

Once the ipk file has been downloaded, click on Player Versions under the Displays section of the CMS Menu, and click on Add Version .

Upload the downloaded ipk file to the CMS using the Upload Version form:

Once the ipk file is uploaded to the CMS navigate to Display Settings and click on the row menu of the selected Display Profile . Click on Edit and go to the Advanced tab on the Edit Profile form.

Use the Player Version drop-down menu and select the Player Version file and click Save . All Displays that are assigned to this Display Profile will now run the selected version.

The Version and Code number of the installer file are populated and should be correct. If this is not the case then these can be manually edited to correctly match by navigating to the Player Version page of the CMS and using the row menu to Edit .

Player Version Override

It may be necessary to run a different Player Version on selected Displays, this can be achieved by using the Player Version Override .

Navigate to Displays and use the row menu to Edit . Click on the Advanced tab and use the Player Version Override drop-down to select the version to assign to the Display, click Save at the bottom of the form.

All Settings for a Display, including the current Player Version assigned, can also be viewed below the Player Version Override field.

Upload and Install - Xibo CMS 1.8.11 and earlier

Once the ipk file has been downloaded, click on Media under the Library section of the CMS and upload the ipk file to the CMS Library.

Once the ipk file has been uploaded to the CMS Library navigate to the Displays or Display Group page and use the row menu for the chosen Display/Display Group and click on Version Information .

Use the drop down list and select the uploaded file and click Save .

Once downloaded, your Player will automatically restart and update the version for Xibo for webOS.

After an update, you can check the Current Player Version for Displays/Displays Groups in the CMS using the row menu and clicking on Version Information as mentioned above.