Getting the Player Status

To further investigate issues, you may be asked to provide a screenshot of the Status Window on your device, there are 2 options to achieve this:
1. Directly from the Device
2. Request via the CMS

Directly from the Device

Android / webOS / Tizen

  • Connect a mouse to your device and click on the screen whilst Xibo is running. (For webOS and Tizen click Ok on the remote whilst Xibo is running)

  • Select ‘Status’ from the Action bar at the top of the screen.

  • From Xibo for Android R206, press the i key on your keyboard to access the ‘Status’ page.

Windows / Linux

  • Press i on your keyboard to show the status window. (this Key is configurable in Display Settiings Profile for the Windows Player, by accessing the Troubleshooting tab)

Take a screenshot or take a picture of the Status Window to send.

Request via the CMS

If you have limited access to the device you can use the Request a Screenshot feature from the Displays page in the CMS:

  1. Firstly, navigate to the Report Fault page under the Advanced section of the CMS menu and click on the Start button, click Next and Turn ON Debugging

  1. Once Debugging mode is on , navigate to the Displays page under the Displays section of the menu on the CMS and use the row menu for the selected Display, click Edit .

  1. Click on the Advanced tab and enter a sensible date and time in the future (such as an hour if you are not trying to catch an intermittent problem) and Save .

Tip: Check the current CMS time by clicking on the top right Avatar

  1. Now use the row menu for the selected Display to Request Screenshot , Save.

Screenshot / thumbnail columns are automatically enabled when requesting screenshots from version 1.8.12.

By requesting a screenshot from a Display with ‘auditing’ enabled, you are also requesting an additional log message that will contain status information to be sent.

  1. Go to the Log page under the Advanced section of the CMS Menu and click on the Advanced tab.
  2. Use the Display drop down menu to select your Display.
  3. Enter NotifyStatus in the Page field.

  1. Make a screenshot of this log and send it to us.