Xibo in the Cloud

Xibo in the Cloud gives you a professionally managed service direct from the Xibo project creators, with a full-featured Xibo CMS ready in minutes. For further information and to read about the benefits please see our Cloud hosting page, available under Products on the website.

Create your Xibo CMS

Simply choose an instance name and select from the choice of 4 domain names:

  • xibo.co.uk
  • xibo.cloud
  • signcdn.com
  • signagecloud.net

This will be used to generate your Xibo URL, for example, http://instancename.xibo.co.uk/


Select your preferred region for your CMS deployment, the region closest to where you and your Players are located will give the best performance. We currently have servers in 4 locations:

  • London, UK
  • New York, USA
  • Singapore
  • Sydney

Display Slots

Select how many display slots you need. Each display slot adds 500 MB of storage and 2GB of monthly bandwidth to your CMS instance limits.

Display Slots can be added at any time to give you more bandwidth and storage as needed from your Customer Portal account.

What happens next?

On receipt of payment, our provisioning system will get to work and set everything up for you. Once completed we will email you with the connection details.

Connect a Player

Any Xibo Player can be connected to your CMS; mix and match if needed:

Xibo for Windows

Xibo for Linux

Xibo for Android

Xibo for webOS

Xibo for Tizen

Please go to the Xibo Player Installation section for further guidance.

Further reading:

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