Xibo CMS Settings

Like any complex application, the Xibo CMS comes with a number of options. These are configured under Settings under the Administration section of the menu.

Changes to settings can be saved using the Save button for the category selector at the bottom of the page.

Xibo in the Cloud customers will have some of these fields pre-populated, some can be changed with others locked to disable editing. For further information please read Xibo Cloud CMS Defaults and Restrictions.


For ease of use Settings have been split into related Categories:

Configuration - Essential configuration options that must be set.

Defaults - Settings for defaulting certain form fields to particular selections.

Displays - Settings related to Displays and display management pages.

General - General settings for the behaviour of items in the CMS.

Maintenance - Settings related to the Maintenance Module.

Network - Network settings such as Proxy Server information (if your CMS is behind a proxy) (Xibo in the Cloud customers can increase System Limits by purchasing more display slots as required from our Shop).

Permissions - Settings for controlling how permissions affect certain things in the CMS.

Regional - Timezone and Language regional settings. (Let the CMS know what timezone it should use by selecting the nearest major city in your timezone).

Troubleshooting - Allows you to alter how Xibo handles errors. You can turn the error and audit logs On and Off. As the log record size grows rapidly, you should take care to enable it only when necessary e.g. during system debug.

Users - Authentication and Password policy settings.

Notable Settings

Password Policy Regular Expression

Administrators can set a regular expression to test password complexity. Administrators can put any valid regular expression in this box, which will cause all User password change requests, and New User passwords to be tested against this expression.

A text description will be shown to Users when their password does not meet the required policy.

Xibo in the Cloud customers have a set default policy to require a password of at least 10 characters

Password Reset

Provide a Forgotten your Password reset link for Users at login. Users can then click the link which will send a Password Reset Notification to their stored email address.

Users can change their own passwords, once logged into the CMS, by clicking on the Profile Icon located in the top right-hand corner of the CMS.

Library Size & Bandwidth

For Xibo in the Cloud customers, each display slot adds 500MB of storage and 2GB of monthly bandwidth to Cloud CMS instance limits. Increase display slots from the Customer Portal to increase your instance limits as needed.

Manage limits on the library file size and monthly bandwidth usage. This is done by virtue of two settings in the database table (LIBRARY_SIZE_LIMIT_KB & MONTHLY_XMDS_TRANSFER_LIMIT_KB).

If no limits are entered in the database, everything continues to work without restriction; however once a limit is entered Xibo will start validating against these limits, and when they are exceeded will prevent the upload of new media/updates to clients.

However, these two settings are currently not available through the user interface; Only the statistical data is shown in the Content page


Maintenance is a very import part of the system and is covered in its own section.

Other functions

The Settings page has a set of other functions available in the top right corner of the sub-menu bar.


Import the entire CMS database.


Export the entire CMS database.

Tidy Library

This function clears up orphaned Media items and temporary files. More information can be found in the User Manual on the Tidy Library page.

Xibo in the Cloud customers can enable this function as by default this is set to Off.

Please note: This function can be potentially destructive if you do not understand the implication of running it with all options selected.